What are Lactotripeptides?

The discovery of Lactotripeptides

Lactotripeptides were discovered as a result of research into “CALPIS Cultured Milk™”.
“CALPIS Cultured Milk™” is a fermented milk resulting from the process of manufacturing CALPIS® lactic acid drink. We have been conducting research into the physiology of “CALPIS Cultured Milk™” for more than 40 years.Discovered as part of this research,Lactotripeptides are peptides that inhibit the activity of ACE which increases blood pressure. Lactotripeptides are naturally occurring during the fermentation process of “CALPIS Cultured Milk™”.
They consist of two types of peptides, namely Val-Pro-Pro (valine-proline-proline) and Ile-Pro-Pro (isoleucine-proline-proline), and are also known as Lactotripeptides.

What are peptides?
History of Lactotripeptides research and development

How Lactotripeptides work

Various different tests have been carried out to elucidate the physiological functions of Lactotripeptides.

Mechanism to reduce blood pressure

Lactotripeptides prevent blood pressure from rising by inhibiting enzymes that cause elevated blood pressure.
Lactotripeptides have an effect on blood pressure by inhibiting the effects of enzymes that release substances that cause elevated blood pressure.

Mechanism to make blood vessels more flexible

Lactotripeptides have an effect on blood vessels by stimulating production of substances with vascular protective effects.
The vascular endothelial cells on the inside of blood vessels release factors that regulate blood vessel functions, thereby ensuring that your blood vessels stay healthy. One of the factors that the endothelial cells release is nitric oxide (NO).
NO causes blood vessels to dilate, and also has the effect of preventing white blood cells from adhering to blood vessel walls and building up to form deposits. Lactotripeptides stimulate production of NO by vascular endothelial cells, which makes blood vessels more flexible. How Lactotripeptides work

What is so important about NO? NO production stimulation effects